Thursday, April 10, 2014

In Memory of Shane

Donkey Shane and Simone

If you have been out to Pineywoods Herb Farm within the past couple of years you may have seen little Donkey Shane.  Shane just showed up here one day, running through the gate straight down to the barn like she knew just where she was going.  I likened it to the saying, "I wasn't born in Texas but got here as fast as I could."  Shane wasn't born here but got here as fast as she could!

Shane was a real sweetheart.  A bit standoffish at first, I think because she had not had much human contact before she arrived here.  But as the picture above attests, she loved her little pal Simone and would dutifully stand while Simone held onto her halter or even sat on her. They were just the right size for each other.

Shane was the perfect buddy for our blind horse, Twig.  Being blind, Twig is quite apprehensive and unsure of other horses, and rightly so.  Since he can't see he can't readily judge their behavior towards him and he tends to shy away to protect himself.  But the minute Shane and Twig met Twig felt comfortable with her. Many times Twig would be out in a field grazing or laying down and Shane would be right there by his side.  

Shane suffered from a couple of health problems, the worst being a chronic hoof disease that made it painful for her to walk.  It was manageable for about a year but it gradually worsened.  When it was obvious she was suffering and didn't even want to stand I knew it was time to take her out of her pain.  

Twig misses his buddy.  He will perk up his ears and cock his head, trying to hear her eating grass or standing nearby.  He then nickers, hoping she will answer back and come to his side. I feel badly for Twig.

Life on the farm.  

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